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Hex Strategy Day 2023

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Written by: Alasdair Hutchinson

At some organisations, the idea of an agency wide strategy day may make you groan. But at Hex, the opportunity to get together with everyone in the company, share knowledge and voice ideas, as well as get a peek into the long term strategic plan which backs up our day-to-day is something I relish. At our most recent strategy day, the whole team assembled at Code Node for a morning of presentations, workshops and collaboration.

Things were kick-started by morning coffees and a breakdown of the Hex vision by the directors; it’s great to get a fully involved, context rich breakdown of where Hex has come from, where we are now, and where we will be. Hex brings together loads of individuals to make amazing things. Being provided with a clear, updated framing of organisational structure, process methodology and approach to clients is a wonderful boon in that regard. Since the last strategy day Hex has grown so much in the sophistication and breadth of its offering; such as our early founder support process, the expansion of our user research and strategy function, as well as more clearly delineated and standardised service offerings to name just a few!
However, this wasn’t just a one-way conversation - it was a dialogue. 

One of the great things about working at Hex is that I always feel like my voice is heard and respected, and the workshop which followed the presentation was a forum for different teams to discuss their thoughts, ideas for change, and general feedback on how things are going. As a company with hybrid working, and cross-functional teams split across different departments, it is also important to not overlook the value of getting every single person in one room. As a Product Owner, it granted me insight into pushes and pulls on teams and individual projects I am not personally involved with.

We wrapped up the strategy day with a round-table discussion about opportunities, individual thoughts about things discussed in the day, as well as some general housekeeping before all going for lunch and trooping back to the office. Safe to say I can’t wait for the next one!