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Hex partners with SeedLegals

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Written by: Duncan Custerson

When it comes to digital, helping founders from concept through to series A is our sweet spot. Hex Digital have been collaborating with some exciting founders on their future unicorn proposition. Boutique collaborations that set out to de-risk funding, product build and growth has been our passion and mission over the last couple of years and we love it!

We are all about working with founders to transform knowledge of a specific problem and seed of a concept into a fully stress tested, researched and validated pitch deck. Realising the technical roadmap to MVP - Product Launch and Scale is where Hex are a founders team in a box!

The next logical step was to further extend our founders tool kit!

We are excited to announce that Hex are now official licence partners with SeedLegals.

For anyone unfamiliar, SeedLegals are the largest closer of funding rounds in the UK - with over £1B in funding raised on the platform to date. So, when it comes to the legal tech you need to support and grow your business from concept to series A -  we’ve got you.

  • Investment Proposal; 
  • Investment Agreement; 
  • Term Sheet; 
  • Shareholders Agreement; 
  • Articles of Association; 
  • Disclosure Letter; 
  • Previous Investor Consent; 
  • Preemption Notice; 
  • Board Resolution; 
  • Shareholders Resolution; 
  • SH01 Form; 
  • Step-by-step wizard and help

If you are a founder interested in applying to the HexStart programme - you can do so here.